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Hungry Apple Bento Lunch Box


Hungry Apple is your one-stop-shop for lunch box essentials providing quality products for kids and parents. We know getting kids to eat a healthy lunch is not always easy, so by making lunch boxes look fun, we hope the kids can come home from school with an empty lunchbox and a full stomach! Our mission is to bring health and happiness to you and your little ones by being a one-stop-solution for your lunchbox essentials.


Hungry Apple Bento Lunch Box

Hungry Apple leakproof bento lunch boxes make food look fun, reduce the need to individually wrap food, and makes it easy to pack a variety of healthy food. The innovative removable inner tray converts from 4 to 6 compartments so you can fit food of any size and add a variety to your kids' lunch!

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Lunch Accessories

We offer a range of lunch accessories such as food picks, sandwich cutters, silicone cups, vegetable cutters etc to make your lunches appealing and yum!

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