Yellow Bento Lunchbox NZ

NEW: Yellow Bento Lunchbox

Introducing Hungry Apple's newest and brightest bento lunchbox - now available in yellow! Bento Lunchbox is the ultimate tool for packing healthy, fun, and waste-free lunches! This convenient, portable lunchbox is perfect for school, work, or travel, and is made with safe BPA-free quality material. With its practical leak-proof design, removable tray, and portion control, you'll be able to easily pack a healthy lunch full of variety.


Hungry Apple's Classic Plus Bento Lunchbox is perfect for packing healthy, fun, and waste-free lunches for school, work, or travel. Its easy-to-clean design makes it a breeze to keep clean and looking great. So kids, get ready to go back to school with a healthier, more enjoyable lunchtime experience – Hungry Apple Bento Lunchbox is here to make it happen!


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